Balunu Healing & wellbeing camps 

The Balunu Foundation deliver a 5-day cultural healing and wellness camp to marginalised and disadvantaged youth in Darwin, aged 12 to 25 years. The program exemplifies a process of positive engagement and wellness. The program is designed to prevent self harm and suicide and is based on a holistic conception of wellbeing. The program is culturally competent and is articulated by a whole of community process to include fairness and moral inclusion of all Indigenous youth in the greater Darwin Region.

- The young people are referred to the program by local organisations, peers and self referrals.
- An assessment is taken of all referrals through a case management meeting. If the young person is successful they are then offered a place on the camp.
- The camps will cater for up to 10 youth per camp. The camps are held in a remote location across Darwin harbour at Madjabala (Talc Head).
- The camps are held over 5 days and include an array of intensive workshops and program activities. The young people are disconnected from the stress and chaos of the city through not having access to social media and technology, whilst providing them with a culturally safe place. The camps are gender specific and focus on information and activities that are linked to the wellbeing of the young person and are designed to increase engagement, motivation, resilience, optimism, personal development and build self-esteem.
- Reconnecting to elders, to culture, and traditional aboriginal art forms. 


4 Totem Road  Ludmilla NT 0820

​​Tel: (08) 8985 4400


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