BLAC - Balunu's Youth Committee

Blac is a group of 8 youth leaders from around the Darwin region. This group of young people drive the decisions, planing and outcomes of Balunu's programs and events. They are the voice of Balunu.

Whilst also taking part in Leadership workshops, we hope we can guide these Young people to become strong speakers and leaders of their own communities. 

Proud BLAC members:

- Raychelle McKenzie (chair person) 
- T'ara Cole (co-chair person) 
- Kyle Bambra 
- Meera Boehme 
- Moses Niki 
- Calum Mckenzie 
- Amy Kathleen 
- Tia Young 

BLAC wins the "too deadly" Award in Foundation of Young Australians Unleashed awards 

4 Totem Road  Ludmilla NT 0820

​​Tel: (08) 8985 4400


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