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Indigenous Youth Balunu


The Balunu Foundation is a not for profit, charitable organisation focused on the healing of Indigenous youth and people and is based in Darwin, Northern Territory. In particular, Balunu seeks to instil a cultural identity among Indigenous youth at risk through a culturally

appropriate healing program which builds self belief and self esteem whilst assisting Indigenous youth to overcome the wide range of challenges they face as young Indigenous people in today’s society.

Balunu is focused on addressing the social challenges faced by Indigenous people and youth through a healing centred engagement approach. Although the program is Indigenous specific the program has achieved great success with non Indigenous youth who have attended the program.

Through a deliberate and purposeful program Balunu aims to provide hope for Indigenous youth and families by breaking the cycle of disadvantage through good health, education, life skills, opportunity, training, employment and most importantly healing. Identity plays the most crucial factor in strengthening the youth’s sense of self and the healing allows for the individuals to free their pain enough to take advantage of opportunity that exists to move forward in the new world, whilst maintaining a strong connection to culture and identity

OUR Vision 

Balunu’s vision is to break the cycle of Indigenous disadvantage by targeting the youth of this generation and reconnecting them to their true identity, dealing with the underlying issues they face and equipping them with the necessary tools to make strong choices. Balunu strives to increase the self-esteem, confidence and emotional and spiritual wellbeing of Indigenous youth to assist them to become strong, balanced individuals who will create strong families and positive pathways for future generations.

Be a part of the change 

Balunu is committed to embracing diversity and eliminating all forms of discrimination in the provision of a Youth Service. 
Balunu welcomes all people irrespective of ethnicity, lifestyle choice, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity.

4 Totem Road  Ludmilla NT 0820

​​Tel: (08) 8985 4400


The Balunu Foundation Ltd is a non-profit, Australian Public Company limited by guarantee incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001. Balunu is a public benevolent institution and registered charity, exempt from income tax and registered as a deductible gift recipient.© 2018 MacMedia. Proudly created with

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